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The best way to get your gig information where it needs to be.
WheresTheGig is a free service providing the best in band management software for our community of musicians, designed by working musicians for working musicians, and has the features you need to quickly and accurately organize, maintain, and publish your gig information. Serving our community for over 15 years, WheresTheGig.com is your best choice for band management software.

WheresTheGig currently serves 427 bands and 3,315 users.

WheresTheGig provides
  • Quick gig entry and updates; add a month's gigs in seconds.
  • An up-to-date gig schedule for your band. No more typing out schedules, emailing, or telephoning all your band members when a gig status changes.
  • All the gig information is available to your band members including load in, sound check, gig times, outfits, setlists, and map to the gig.
  • Mobile version for iPhone and Android devices. Includes songlist, setlists, and provisions for displaying lyrics, charts, and other detailed performance notes.
  • Song- and set-list management. Associate sets to gigs and automatically attach setlists to "Gig Alert" emails.
  • Publish gigs to Google Calendar, GigPress, Sonicbids, ReverbNation, other services. Unlike other sites, WheresTheGig gives you full access to your data (it is your data, after all).
  • Personnel management: Allows band members to flag their unavailable days. Provides for automatic availability confirmation response email to gig personnel.
  • Secure. Only you and the people you allow will have access to your band's information.