WheresTheGig.com isn't free....

...for me. Besides the hundreds of hours I slaved away at the keyboard to code this fantastically helpful and time-saving site, I pay all server costs out of my worn and raggity pockets. O.K. End of pity party.

So, how much should I donate?

I've given this question careful consideration. Should a struggling blues band donate the same as the corporate showband that makes between 10 and 100 times as much per gig? (Note: this is more a statement of how little a blues band makes at a gig, rather than how much a showband makes. I know. I play in both.) Here's what I've come up with: Just pretend that, once a year, you hire WheresTheGig.com to do a gig with you, and then donate that amount.
Example 1: Your four-piece blues band Woke Up This Mornin' makes about $50 per player, so one gig during the year everyone makes $40, including WheresTheGig.com. (Doing the math, this comes to $10 per person for the year, or about 83 cents a month. Even blues musicians can afford that).

Example 2: Your eight-piece showband Show Me The Music plays events for such party-animal groups as "Amalgamated Actuaries of America" and pulls in $12,000 per gig. It costs a lot to run a show-band, but even after operating expenses players typically walk away with $1100. So one gig during the year everyone makes about $980, including WheresTheGig.com (and everyone enjoys how fast the site goes since I can afford my own co-located server :-).

Your band probably falls somewhere between the two (and more towards the blues band example). Donate what you can. Thanks!