WheresTheGig® is a free service providing the best in band management software for our community, designed by working musicians for working musicians, and has the features you need to quickly and accurately organize, maintain, and publish your gig information. Serving thousands of bands for over 15 years, WheresTheGig.com is your best choice for online band management services.
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Easy Gig Entry
Gig Entry

WheresTheGig® saves you time by pre-filling your gig entry form for common performances.

Fast Gig Entry
Gigs By Month

Add all of your month's gigs in seconds.

Member Availability
Member Blackouts

When band members set their unavailable dates WheresTheGig® will notify you and flag any booking conflicts.

Export Your Gigs
Export To

With a click you can export to Google Calendar, Twitter, BandsInTown, SonicBids, Reverbnation, GigPress, and any standard calendar application, and XML and JSON feeds to integrate programmatically with other systems.

Easy Setlists

Drag from your songlist to quickly create sets that are emailed to your members with your gig sheet.

Public Gig Calendar

WheresTheGig® provides a public gig calendar for your band's website. It updates automatically when you update your schedule.

The purpose behind WheresTheGig® is to streamline the mundane yet important tasks that every band leader has to deal with:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date schedule
  • Awareness of band member availability
  • Informing your members of schedule updates
  • Informing your fan base of upcoming performances

WheresTheGig® handles this and more, and makes it easy to add and modify gigs from your computer or mobile device. Spending less time on these tasks gives you more time for music and marketing, and peace of mind that everyone in the band has current, accurate, and easy access to your schedule.

WheresTheGig® works great for any band format, from solo singer/songwriters to large community bands. Here are some words for WheresTheGig® from the bands that use it:
Mick Adams And The Stones: Top USA Tribute
Mick Adams
Photo credit: Irish Diva Photography
Mick Adams And The Stones has a full schedule of national and international shows and we have used WheresTheGig for several years. Thinking about the time before WheresTheGig is like thinking about the time before we had navigation on our phones. I don't know how we ever managed without it.
Pete Lippincott: Songwriter/Performer
Pete Lippencott
In the many years I've been using WheresTheGig a few things really stand out. First is how responsive they are when I have a question or problem. They get back to me within a day, often within the hour and care about my issues, which brings me to my second point. They want their site to be the best resource for performance-based organizations, and when there is a feature a user thinks would make the site better (export to BandsInTown, for example) they will often add it to WheresTheGig.
Arek Religa: Composer and Guitar Virtuoso
My projects require a lot of rehearsals, so in addition to the gig organization features of WheresTheGig I really appreciate the rehearsal organization features. The "Rehearsal" gig type is handled in a special way so it stands out on the band members event schedule. You can also link your song list and charts/lyrics so all of the rehearsal information is conveniently available to your band members.
Mighty Untouchables: USA Corporate, Wedding, and Theme Band
Anyone involved in the Corporate/Private/Wedding Event performance world knows how quickly schedules evolve as gig holds appear, become confirmed, are modified, are modified again, and so on. Now imagine keeping a 10 piece band along with sound and light resources in complete sync. WheresTheGig does this effortlessly and keeps things running "smoother than a fresh jar of skippy. Don't believe me? Just watch!" (by clicking our photo).
Barrhaven Community Concert Band
The Barrhaven Community Concert Band is thankful for all the work put into the WherestheGig.com service. Beyond being a wonderful scheduling tool for our band, WherestheGig.com has proven an invaluable tool to manage both our extensive music library, and the members information. It has allowed better sharing of responsibilities among the executive, while keeping all the information within one tool. Ethan has been especially responsive to the request for improvements that benefited our band, which consists of over 50 members. We enthusiastically recommend WheretheGig.com for bands of any size.

--Jean-Pierre Lafleur, Music Director, Barrhaven Community Concert Band

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